PCUnlocker 5.9 Crack + ISO (2024) Full Version Download

PCUnlocker 5.9 Crack + ISO (2024) Full Version Download

PCUnlocker 5.9 Crack is a powerful tool for people. Many people think that they need to reinstall Windows after forgetting the password to log into their computer. This is not the only way to help you. The easiest and fastest way is to reset your Windows password with PCUnlocker. It can also save you hundreds of dollars if you don’t have a system repair drive and need to buy one. who often forget Windows passwords. The unlock tool allows Windows users to reset forgotten or lost local Windows administrator passwords. You can use this tool to unlock passwords for domain administrators and other user accounts. This allows you to regain access to a locked computer without reinstalling the Windows operating system. In this detailed guide, we will discuss the amazing PCUnlocker for Windows 10/11 and how to use it.

PCUnlocker 5.9 Crack

PCUnlocker Crack is designed to allow users to enter a forgotten Windows password by burning a bootable CD/DVD or USB drive.  However, if you want to choose a tool that is cheaper and easier to use, we take a look at iToolab UnlockGo (Windows), a valuable resource that will help you unlock your device with ease. PCUnlocker is a tool that can be run to recover forgotten administrators or other use Active Server Directory (AD ). Unlock your system instantly if you forgot your Windows password or if your user account is locked or disabled. PCUnlocker  Imagine a situation where you can’t remember your Windows password, preventing you from logging into your account. Although Microsoft has several ways to recover your password if you have saved it online (via your Microsoft account), this is not the case.

PCUnlocker Crack (2024) Free Download

It is always possible. This is especially true for passwords that are stored locally. Without knowing your current file, you cannot access your files. We’re sure it sounds like a nightmare, but In this article, we will talk about a small but extremely useful application called PCUnlocker. PCUnlocker is an easy-to-use Windows program for users who need to reset administrator passwords and access files on their system. Alternatively, this tool can be run from a CD, DVD, or USB drive. There may be situations where you have forgotten your password, installed malicious programs that automatically change it, or where your colleagues have accidentally changed your login information. Regardless of the circumstances, you should use a special tool that unlocks your system and removes lost passwords,

PCUnlocker has an excellent GUI. Furthermore, it is professional yet easy to use. Like other typical and simple programs, PCUnlocker has blue, cyan, light gray, and white colors. However, it is not as aesthetic as others, but the important thing is how it works. Additionally, after launching PCUnlocker, a small panel will appear. This will allow you to enter a new password. Please note that you can leave this field blank if you wish to delete an existing password. Then click OK to restore your account. Another message resets your Microsoft account to a local user account. You can now insert the boot disk into your locked computer and start booting. Right after you turn on your computer, you can see the installation keys such as Uninstall, F8, and F2 on the home screen to enter the BIOS installer. Then select the “Download” button.

PCUnlocker Crack Full Free Download

Then configure the first boot device to create a bootable CD or DVD. PCunlocker is a popular tool that allows you to bypass Windows passwords. as shown in the screenshot. Alternatively, press F1 to change a parameter, F9 to load defaults, F10 to save and exit, and ESC to exit. There are many tools in the market such as PCunlocker that can help you solve the password problem. If you don’t know about it, this article will help you. In this article, we will share with you an alternative to PCunlocker so that you can get started with this tool. We will also review PCunlocker so you can learn more about it. You can solve the problem using another, better tool. The PCUnlocker tool can certainly do what it claims to do.

PCUnlocker is a handy tool that makes it easy to reset user passwords on computers running Windows. The software is compatible with all versions of Windows from NT to Win 10, and you can also use it on Windows Server or later. Everything works via CD, DVD, USB, or PXE, which means you have to download and set up the instrument on another device. The program is loaded after the computer starts and before you log on to Windows. It allows you to reset, erase, or bypass local and Microsoft user passwords with a few clicks, making it extremely convenient. If you’ve ever tried to connect a new mouse, printer, or other piece of hardware to your computer, you know that finding the right driver to get the device working can be time-consuming.

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Key Features:

  • Simple and intuitive graphical interface.
  • Remove or reset the local Windows administrator password and user password.
  • Reset/activate any local Windows account or Active Directory account that is locked, disabled, or expired.
  • Reset passwords for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP,  NT, Windows Server x64 Edition (64-bit version), Windows 7 64-bit version,
  • Reset your Windows password using a CD, USB drive, or network via PXE.
  • Windows supports Windows 11/10/8 with UEFI Secure Boot, including Microsoft
  • Surface Pro, Apple Mac, ThinkPad Tablet 2, Dell Venue 8/11 Pro, and Toshiba Encore.
  • Supports RAID/SCSI/SATA and FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and NTFS5 file systems.
  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with modern versions of Windows;
  • provides the ability to reset system passwords;
  • it is possible to launch the program from a flash drive;
  • you can choose one of the two recovery modes.
  • Simple and intuitive graphical interface.

More Features:

  • Bypass, delete, or reset local user and Windows administrator passwords.
  • Reset forgotten domain administrator and user passwords for Windows and (Active Directory) domain controllers.
  • Reset passwords for Directory Services Restore Mode (DSRM) accounts.
  • Unlock/enable any local Windows account or Active Directory account that is locked, disabled, or expired.
  • Make any standard or limited Windows user account an administrator.
  • Disable “Force Smart Card Authentication” if your smart card is lost.
  • Ability to remove logon time restrictions for local Windows accounts and Active Directory accounts.
  • It supports password reset for local Windows 8 accounts and Microsoft accounts.
  • Reset the administrator password for a virtual machine running in VMware, Parallels, VirtualBox, Microsoft Virtual PC, and Hyper-V (VM Gen2 and Gen1).
  • Reset Windows passwords using a bootable CD, USB drive, or network via PXE.
  • Supports Windows 8 computers with UEFI Secure Boot, including Microsoft Surface Pro, Apple Mac, ThinkPad Tablet 2, Dell Venue 8/11 Pro, and Toshiba Encore.
  • Supports RAID/SCSI/SATA drives and FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and NTFS5 file systems.
  • Connect the virtual hard disk (*.vhd, *.vhdx, *.iso).
  • FREE technical support.

What’s New?

  • Bypass Windows password without resetting it.
  • Supports Windows 10/8 computers with UEFI Secure Boot, including Microsoft
  • Surface Pro, Apple Mac, ThinkPad Tablet 2, Dell Venue 8/11 Pro, and Toshiba Encore.
  • Connect the virtual hard disk (*.vhd, *.vhdx, *.iso).
  • Boot a locked computer from the network using PXE.
  • Boot your UEFI computer from a CD or USB drive.

Pcunlocker Full Version:




System Requirements:

Before downloading PCUnlocker WinPE 3.8.0 Enterprise Edition ISO Free Download, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements.

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or higher.
  • Hard disk space: 60 MB of free space required.


  • It is compatible with any version of Windows.
  • It’s easy to set up.
  • Reset passwords quickly.
  • Offers free technical support.
  • This allows you to create new administrator accounts.
  • This allows you to boot the tool from DVD, CD, USB, and even PXE.
  • Only minor system requirements are required.
  • It is easy to install.


  • They do not offer a free trial.
  • To burn PCUnlocker to bootable media, you need another tool and a computer.

How To Install/Crack?

  • Disconnect your computer/laptop enterprise PC Unlocker: from the Internet (recommended)
  • Extract the program and install it (run the installation)
  • Copy the cracked files from Crack to install $dir.
  • folder $Directory where the program is installed
  • Now start CadSoft.
  • Always block firewalls.
  • This is the end. Now that’s fun!


PCUnlocker is a tool you run that can reset your forgotten administrator password or other passwords in Windows. The presented program supports Active Directory accounts, for which existing authentication restrictions can be removed if necessary. Direct users have the option to delegate limited or standard accounts to an administrator. Although PCUnlocker guarantees a 100% recovery rate and will help you reset your Windows password, its demo version does not provide any functionality to use. Therefore, there is a need to find free alternatives to PCUnlocker.
PCUnlocker works on Windows 10 and newer on Windows NT. This is because the lost user password recovery method applies to all these versions, which is great. You should also know that you need a USB drive to run this tool.