SoftPerfect Network Scanner 8.1.7 Crack + Keygen Full Download 2023

SoftPerfect Network Scanner 8.1.7 Crack + Keygen Full Download 2023

SoftPerfect Network Scanner 8.1.7 Crack has a modern UI and numerous complex capabilities. Computer security enthusiasts and system administrators alike can benefit from the program. To locate the TCP/UDP listening port, the application pings the machine and then shows the sorts of resources shared across the network, including both system resources and hidden resources. In addition, you may create network drives from shared folders. Use Windows Explorer to go through them, apply filters to the results, and more. User-defined ports can also be searched for and reported on by SoftPerfect Network Scanner. Host names and IP addresses may also be resolved with this application. remote shutdown and wake-up on the LAN are supported.

Softperfect Network Scanner 8.1.1 With Crack & Keygen Latest Version 2021

As a small network administrator, SoftPerfect Network Scanner Crack is a must-have. Those in charge of tiny networks will swoon over its toolkit. This and more can be done with SoftPerfect Network Scanner. In addition to providing basic information, SoftPerfect Network Scanner may be used to identify possible vulnerabilities. As a result, you’ll be able to identify any resources that should not be shared across many devices. Ports and SNMP listening services are also discovered. Remote shutdown is one of the most advanced options. The application also has Wake on LAN and the ability to execute other programs. The SoftPerfect Network Scanner is worth downloading if you have a small network. We can now use more complex capabilities that we have scanned all of the devices in the network.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner Crack + Key Full Download 2023

SoftPerfect Network Scanner Key can wake up a computer for inventory when it is needed. When an ICMP echo request is sent, the SoftPerfect network scanner scans the network machine that received it. You don’t need administrator access, hidden files are detected, and file sharing is accomplished. Marking IP ranges makes it easy to move between them if you have a lot of IP ranges that need to be checked often. You may also configure scanning for open TCP ports in the “Options” section. Such as looking for an open FTP or Web server (TCP port 80 and TCP port 21). Real-time viewing is another amazing aspect of this application. After the scan is finished, this function will look for any newly connected devices.

A simple user interface, searching internal and external IP addresses, seeing registered users’ information, finding devices”’ MAC addresses, accessing remote admin information, and more are all included in this Softperfect Network Scanner key features. As a network administrator, this capability may be really helpful. The ability to remotely shut off machines on the network is a common function. Web reports may be exported as XML, HTML, CSV, or text files thanks to a robust reporting system (TXT). An external PC may also be scanned using this program. To get a rapid overview of the network you are serving, you may store the application to your adapter since it does not require installation.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner Crack + License Key Full Download 2023

SoftPerfect Network Scanner lets network administrators keep tabs on their networks. Home users and network managers can diagnose their networks, scan ports, ping computers, locate shared folders, and create any information about network devices through WMI, SNMP, HTTP SSH, and PowerShell with the help of NetScan. In addition, it searches for distant services, registry keys, files, and much more. To access more complex settings on the device, you can utilize remote PowerShell, remote registry, and other technologies provided by the software. Remote services, registries, and more are also scanned. WMI, SNMP, HTTP, SSH, and PowerShell may all be used to get information about network products.

Softperfect Network Scanner License Key MAC address resolution, user registration, Wake-up on LAN support, remote shutdown services, and internal and external IP address detection are all included. To identify listener TCP ports and pick Windows Explorer, the SoftPerfect Network Scanner program beeps on PCs. Network resources are easily analyzed and may be used as an incentive for users to seek them out. An all-in-one and sophisticated network management application. It may also look for remote solutions, registry keys, files, and so on. Exported results include several formats, including but not limited to XML and JSON. Any information about network devices may be obtained using WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation).

Key Features:

  • Ping is a real-time scanning and monitoring service.
  • In terms of discovery, it works with IP versions 4 and 6.
  • Even on routers, MAC address discovery is possible through hardware.
  • Discovery of writable and shareable folders that were previously unknown.
  • IP addresses of both internal and external networks can be found.
  • Scan and listen for TCP, certain UDP, and SNMP services, as well as other ports.
  • Get information about the current user, login, user account settings, uptime, and so forth.
  • SSH, PowerShell, and VBScript commands may all be run from a remote location using this feature.
  • We use third-party programs that are launched elsewhere.
  • The results may be exported as HTML, XML, JSON, CSV, and TXT.
  • Awakening on the LAN and remote shutdown is supported.
  • WMI, the remote registry file system, and the service manager all provide access to a wealth of detailed information about your system.
  • Computers can be pinged and their brightness showed.
  • From separate routers, find and show the MAC address of a machine.

Some Other Features:

  • Displaying files and folders that have been previously shared with others
  • Show the user’s login and uptime information.
  • User-to-user resource sharing
  • Standard HTML, XML, CSV, and TXT output is available.
  • WMI may be used to get multiple users’ data.
  • An IP and MAC address can be detected for both internal and external networks.
  • Automatically discovers shared and writable folders that aren’t immediately visible.
  • Pings computers and displays the results of the scans for IP ranges.
  • Scans TCP, UDP, and SNMP ports for listening services.
  • The Discovery of IP addresses in both IPv4 and IPv6 modes are fully supported.
  • Remotely accesses and retrieves all system information.
  • Remote SSH, PowerShell, and VBScript command exe support
  • Through the command line, external third-party software can be launched
  • Wake-On-LAN, remote shutdown, and message transmission are all supported.
  • A variety of formats are available for exporting the data.
  • The ability to perform remote shutdown and deliver network messages as well as Wake-On-LAN are all supported.
  • HTML, XML, JSON, CSV, and TXT files can be exported.
  • Flash drives are not required to operate this application.
  • Retrieves information about the users who are presently logged in, their configuration settings, and the system’s current uptime.
  • Detects both internal and external IPs.
  • The final step is to get the party started externally.
  • Identifies readable and hidden shared files.
  • WMI, remote registry, file system, and solution manager may all be used to retrieve system information.

Softperfect Network Scanner 8.1.1 With Crack & Keygen Latest Version 2021

What’s New?

  • In WOL Manager, you can also perform a rapid search for devices.
  • In WOL Manager, the hostname is automatically gathered.
  • The overall scanning speed and starting time have been improved.
  • Control of high-resolution discrepancies has been addressed.
  • Bugfix: The live view log leads to an erroneous location and hangs.
  • A new cross-platform application that works with Mac OS X.
  • Enhanced columns and real-time alerts.
  • Additional support for SNMPv2c and IPv6 addresses.
  • Customized colors for the background and text.
  • There were also several bug fixes and enhancements.


  • The program is simple to use.
  • An easy-to-use graphical scanning tool that provides the information you need quickly.
  • There are a plethora of alternatives for doing a deeper device scan.
  • The non-commercial version (10 devices limit).


  • Scanning results cannot be printed or exported.

License Keys:




Serial Keys:




System Requirements:

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 or Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019 (3 ​​versions of 2 or 64 bits for all).
  • The computer is fast enough.

How to Install/Crack?

  • Disconnect from the Internet (most recommended).
  • Unpack and install the program (run the installer).
  • Don’t run the program yet, quit if it starts.
  • Run the patch as administrator and click on the patch.
  • New version: Replace the original with a jailbroken file.
  • Launch the program and register (using Keygen).
  • Or just extract and use the portable version.